Racism. Sexism. Betrayal. Alcoholism. Addiction. Bi-polarism. Ego. Infidelity. Triumph. Disappointment. Dishonesty. Seduction. Sex. Regrets. Insanity. Lies. Deception. Revenge. Greed. Heartache. Loss. 


These are only a handful of subjects author/actor/celebrity, Doug Hutchison, explores in his captivating, candid, and controversial memoirs, “Flushing Hollywood; Fake News, Fake Boobs”. After nearly three decades in Hollywood manifesting a successful career in the entertainment industry — for the first time ever — Hutchison shares a no-holds-barred account of not only his adventures in what he refers to as “The Toilet of Tinsel Town” brushing up against celebrities the likes of Tom Hanks, Jamie Foxx, Sean Penn, Samuel L Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many many more —but also exposes the naked truth behind his unconventional marriage to sixteen-year old, Courtney Stodden [when he was fifty], their bitter-sweet six-year journey together, and how their union affected his career and personal life — including being blacklisted from Hollywood at large and the loss of his family, etc.

In the first half of “Flushing Hollywood; Fake News, Fake Boobs”, Hutchison takes the reader on a journey from childhood, to his struggles up the ladder of success, and eventual [ofttimes surreal and humorous] adventures co-starring in movies like “The Green Mile” [w/ Tom Hanks], “Bait” [w/ Jamie Foxx], and “I Am Sam” [with Sean Penn].  However — what sets Hutchison’s book apart from other “Hollywood Stories” from previous authors is — he’s unafraid of telling the truth.  Hutchison’s accounts will raise eyebrows and ruffle more than a few feathers. 


In the second half of “Flushing Hollywood: Fake News Fake Boobs”, Hutchison waxes prolific about his controversial, tumultuous, and often misunderstood marriage to sixteen-year old, Courtney Stodden, and how their union not only turned Hollywood [and the world] upside-down, but killed the actor’s career as agents, talent managers, casting directors, producers, etc., dropped and blackballed him, the press pummeled him, and the public excoriated him.


Hutchison doesn’t stop there, though. He reveals — for the first time ever — specific aspects of his marriage that will shock, surprise, entertain, and astonish the reader.  Written with humor, wit, heartbreak, yet never malice nor meanspiritedness — Hutchison’s insightful “Flushing Hollywood; Fake News, Fake Boobs” — pulls no punches.

It’s one-half tabloid sensation and the other: a page-turning unconventional love story.

But the bottom line is:

It’s all true.

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